Waxing Versus Laser Hair Removal: 3 Reasons to Choose Lasers

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Medical spa professionals encourage their customers to try laser hair removal instead of waxing.

Laser Hair Removal Offers Better Results, Less Cost, and A More Pleasant Procedure

Removal of unwanted hair has been a big business for a very long time. Since before recorded history began, human beings have striven to look a certain way and have looked to cosmetics and potions to help them achieve their goals.

Thankfully, beauty solutions now are much easier to come by than they once were. Though there are several forms of hair removal that are popular in this day and age, this article will look at the reasons a customer should choose laser hair removal over waxing.

Reason #1: Longer Lasting Results

Waxing is not a permanent procedure, but must be endured over and over again. Laser hair removal is not a permanent solution either, but the results last much longer and do change the way the hair grows. See the list below for further comparison of results:

  • Future Hair Growth: Hairs that have been waxed are pulled out by the roots and can grow back as ingrown hairs, not only unsightly, but painful. Hair removed through laser hair removal tends to grow back finer and lighter than before
  • Wait Time: When waxing, the hair must be a certain length to be able to be removed, this is not the case with laser hair removal.
  • Results Last Longer: Waxing lasts for a few weeks. Laser hair removal can last 18 months or more.

Reason #2: More Economical in the Long Run

Though both waxing and laser hair removal take multiple visits, there is the difference economically. Though looking at the initial price point, the point seems to be in favor of waxing, there are other factors to consider.

  • Waxing is not permanent and more frequent appointments will be needed.
  • Laser hair removal changes the hair follicle over time, so it needs less and less attention.
  • Waxing can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars over the course of years.
  • Laser hair removal is usually purchased in small packages of appointments, so less money is spent over the course of a lifetime. Fewer appointments will be needed over time.

Reason #3: More Pleasant Experience During the Procedure

One of the biggest downsides to waxing, besides the possibility of irritated skin and ingrown hairs, is the pain of the procedure. Having your hair ripped out by the roots after having hot wax applied to your skin is really not fun and its pain has been illustrated multiple times for laughs in film and television.

While laser hair removal is not completely pain free for most, the sting is much less. Patients have compared it to the snap of a rubber pain on the skin.

The pain only lasts for a few seconds and does not linger. Though it might not be considered a pleasing or relaxing experience, it is certainly more tolerable than waxing. It is worth noting that any pain experienced will be experienced fewer times due to the nature of laser hair removal.

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