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Skinvive is an exciting new treatment for dull, loose skin that is starting to show wrinkles. Over time, the skin of the cheeks can lose its elasticity and moisture, causing the skin to look dry and loose. Skinvive delivers microdroplets of a proprietary hyaluronic acid formula underneath the skin to restore its smoothness and youthful appearance. One of the hesitations that many people have about injectable cosmetic treatments is the pain involved in treatment. Skinvive puts those fears to rest by incorporating lidocaine into the injection formula. A few seconds after the first injection, the immediate area will numb, allowing for total comfort as the treatment proceeds.
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Restore radiance and moisture to the skin with Skinvive injections.

Renew Your Skin Barrier at FaceBeauty!

Renew Your Skin Barrier at FaceBeauty!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The skin is made up of a matrix of proteins and chemicals that allow it to stay soft and healthy. In healthy, youthful skin, the matrix of collagen and elastin helps to hold a chemical called hyaluronic acid in place. This chemical attracts water to the body and helps the skin to stay moist and full. The moisture present in the skin will smooth out its appearance, eliminating wrinkles and giving the skin a radiance and glow.

As skin ages, the collagen fibers shorten and lose their ability to hold onto hyaluronic acid. This allows volume to be lost in the skin and wrinkles to show as moisture migrates out of the tissue. Skinvive treatments seek to restore this natural balance by injecting a modified hyaluronic acid into areas of the skin with wrinkles and low volume. The result is healthy skin that is not only full of moisture but also glowing.

This is one of the most common questions people ask when they inquire about cosmetic procedures. While procedures are affordable and recovery from a Skinvive treatment is quick, everyone wants to get the most for their money. During clinical trials, Skinvive treatments lasted for up to six months, after which another treatment was recommended. This time frame is similar to other cosmetic procedures that people choose to incorporate into their beauty routine.

Skinvive treatments last a long time, but how much time do they take? The average time for Skinvive injections was just 10-15 minutes for long-lasting results. Quick treatments coupled with long-lasting results and quick recoveries make Skinvive an obvious choice for facial skincare.

One of the delicate balancing acts that happens when it comes to cosmetic procedures is that people want to enhance their look without making noticeably obvious improvements. Most people want the results to be subtle since drastic improvement might end up being unsettling.

Skinvive is the perfect example of a subtle beauty treatment. What could look more natural than restoring the natural moisture and chemistry to the overtaxed skin of the cheeks? With Skinvive injections, the only change that takes place is the restoration of youthful, healthy skin.

One of the great things about all of the treatments we offer at FaceBeauty Med Spa is that they are non-surgical and minimally invasive. Skinvive is no different. Skinvive is similar to other treatments in that it is injected into the shallow skin around the face. The modified hyaluronic acid immediately restores moisture to the skin and adds volume to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, the lidocaine contained in the Skinvive medication makes treatment and recovery a breeze. Often, patients can immediately resume their daily activities after treatment.

After a Skinvive injection treatment, patients should avoid strenuous exercise, excessive sunshine, and alcohol for 24 hours. Redness and skin irritation may be present but will often subside within a week, leaving youthful, glowing skin for up to six months.

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