Are You Considering Botox? Here’s What You Should Know

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Doral, Florida-based medical spa professionals talk clients through the basics of botox.

Before Getting Botox, Clients Should Do Some Research

Everyone wants to stay looking young for as long as they can. Not everyone wants to have invasive surgery to “fix” the issue. Moisturizers and the like can only do so much, but there are alternatives to surgery such as microdermabrasion and the subject of this article: botox.

If you are interested in what botox has to offer, keep reading to get the basics of botox, what it is and what to expect from treatment.

Botox Basics

When we use the term “Botox,” we are actually referring to a brand name. Like Kleenex and Band-Aid, Botox is a brand name that has become the shorthand equivalent for an entire group of treatments. Other names for this treatment include Xeomin and Dysport.

This cosmetic treatment is used to prevent wrinkles through nerve paralysis. Facial expressions are what give us wrinkles and this reduces the use of those muscles.

Here is a short list of other things that cover the basics of Botox:

  • Botox is a diluted form of the neurotoxin Botulinum. 
  • Botox is applied through injection.
  • It was first developed as a treatment for muscle spasms in the eyelid.
  • It is safe when performed by a certified medical professional. 
  • It is a treatment for the nerves and muscles, not the skin.
  • Botox is not permanent.

What Patients Should Expect From Botox

Even if a patient understands what Botox is and what it does, they may not have a full picture of what would happen if they decided to pursue the treatment. Research before any sort of medical procedure is critical to setting realistic expectations.

Any treatment like this will start with a consultation appointment to help clarify what your goals are for the treatment. This is not a miracle drug, but it can do great things for people when it is done properly and the patient knows what to expect.

  • Multiple Appointments:  This is not a one-and-done procedure. Botox is a multi-step process, and it is up to you and your clinician to determine how many treatments you will have. 
  • Preventative: Botox and similar treatments are to prevent wrinkles. They cannot erase what is already there. It may reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but the goal is to stop them before they start.
  • About Muscles and Nerves: This procedure is about muscles and nerves, not skin. You will still need to use moisturizers and the like for your skin.
  • Follow the Instructions: This is a medical procedure. As such there are pre-and post-procedure instructions that you will need to follow to get the desired results.
  • Patience: Results will not be visible right away and may take a few days to notice. You might want to take a “before” picture so that you can more clearly see your results.

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